G3 or No G3?

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Re: G3 or No G3?

Makinations wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

On this forum alone, there have been many people complaining about issues with the OMD. Example, locking up with Panny lenses, banding issues, focus issues. They are all talked about right here on this forum.

I don't think any of those issues are current. (I've not seen any focus issues listed that weren't pilot error.)

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This never would have happened if Tedolf was still alive.

The banding issue was discussed last week and I saw mention of the locking-up issue not too long ago - when FW1.5 was introduced.

So, they are still current and causing some people concern.

My concern is that I am interested in the EPM2 as is the OP. Since it has the same sensor and processor, will it have the same OMD issues and the EPM1 IBIS issue? I hope not.

Other than the IBIS, I am happy with my EPM1. While the overall IQ is not as good as my G3, on a 22 inch monitor, it is hard to tell them apart.


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