X100: 2 months on, still waiting for Q menu

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Re: No no no

Zagato wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

I like it as it is and while I could skip on doing future firmware version upgrades to keep it as it is, the camera is bound to be messed up if it needs repair or if there's something useful to upgrade for.

What are you guys doing in the menus anyway?

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Have you ever worked with a Qmenu? It's the quickest way of being able to make setting changes which IMHO are often necessary, just by scrolling left/right up/down in the Qmenu, pressing the ok (menu button), make your changes for the specific setting (ISO, EVF, colour, WB etc, etc) and bingo.

My enquiry to Fujifilm Tokyo some weeks ago, unfortunately was returned negatively with a statement that neither for the X100 nor the X-S1 an implementation of a Qmenu is planned in the near future.


Michael (Vienna)

I have to correct myself, firstly EVF is the wrong technical term. What I meant was EV but this on the other hand would also not be necessary in a possible Qmenu since we he have in any case a separate control wheel for EV on the X100.



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