Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

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Re: Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

thanks Eric. I'm just wondering if you used the 4.2 version of LR? I have to say that using LR for the XP1 might not the best way for evaluating raw noise and noise reduction. for some reason adobe seems to have some problem on the matter of displaying noise signal in the DNG conversion. the better converters for the XP1 raw files are the SilkyPix, RPP and DCRAW. although it is surprising to know that you can pull a lot of detail from the XP1 using ACR which is of course unrelated. I have to look at the files myself and see the degree of difference.

so far, I would agree that the noise difference is minimal as far as using LR version ? is concerned. the Samsung sensor is definitely not bad but just needs some fine tuning or some upgrading with the image processor if it wants to go side by side with the Fuji. 20MP + NX lens gives a heck of a detail (again unrelated), but could be better with better NR engine or converter. it is also true however that the XP1 Jpegs are unrivaled as of the moment, so that is one area the XP1 makes it's bearing and one that Samsung needs to improve on. besides, it helps a lot that you can do continuous shooting without fearing delays and having very good results immediately.

as far as people that are saying bad things about Samsung sensor, I'm not sure what they are talking about nor they know what they are talking about. the only possible thing that I know of is that the other sensors have a bit more DR headroom at base and lower ISOs. but that doesn't make the NX sensor a terrible sensor. but having that certainly would make the NX a truly truly truly fantastic one.

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