What is the flash sync speed of the dp2m?

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Re: What is the flash sync speed of the dp2m?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

ilsiu wrote:

The Fuji X100 and X10 have leaf shutters that top out at 1/4000.

The manual says flash dont fully light subject if you go above 1/2000 for X100. You have too look under trouble shooting.

Moreover, the max shutter speed (for non flash photography, I assume) is 1/1000-1/8000, depending on aperture chosen.

That's true - even though the shutter is capable of 1/4000, flash coverage probably won't be uniform.

But it can be improved using an external hot shoe flash in manual mode, and can be effective under certain circumstances (e.g. wide open aperture under very bright sunlight): http://www.photographybay.com/2011/06/14/fuji-x100-insane-flash-sync-speed/

So with the right flash, the DPxM should be able to give very high sync speeds up to the limit of the max shutter speed, whatever that is.

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