Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Re: Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

A week ago, I upgraded one of my Windows 7 Home premium (64bit)installations (desktop) to Windows 8 Pro (64bit).

I found it best after a couple of days to install "classic shell" to get my start menu back.

I just dont like the Windows interface that makes my desktop look like a $100 phone..  There really isnt any good/easy way to make that start screen look good on a desktop screen.

Windows 8 is a "Little quicker" to to boot and shut down, and sometimes, depending on what software you are running, a little quicker between programs, but not a LOT quicker, just a little.

There just wasn't enough gain in performance to justify the change, and I wont be doing it to the systems that are running 7 pro or 7 ultimate in my house.

NOTE TO THOSE IN FEAR OF LOSING YOUR WIN 7 SYSTEM ACTIVATION.....  It doesn't happen, except for the boot drive that you were using when you installed Windows 8.

If you keep a "current clone" of your boot drive with the windows 7 install on it, you can switch right back to that OS buy installing the clone as your boot drive.

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