I've decided I need a bigger sensor

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Re: I've decided I need a bigger sensor

Dheorl wrote:

clengman wrote:

Also the hgh speed sync functions/ND filter ideas don't really work for what I want the flash for.

This doesn't compute. You said you wanted the faster flash sync speed that the other two cameras offer, but the high speed sync available on m43 cameras won't do what you want? Wha?

Sounds to me like you're just anxious to blow a big wad of cash on a camera that looks unusual so people will ask you about it and you can explain how awfully expensive it was, but the "IQ" is peerless and yadda yadda yadda...

Have fun with it...

Because although high speed sync increases the shutter speed you can use it also decreases the flash output, meaning it's of little benifit when shooting outside trying to balance/overpower the sun. The same with ND filters, they reduce your flash light just as much as they do the ambient.

Sure, but i wonder what exactly you're trying to do. I use flash for fill pretty often when I'm outside. Sometimes just with the pop up flash on my e-pl1.

And no, I'm really not. I'm pretty frugal with my camera purchases, otherwise I wouldn't have bought a GH2 nearly two years after it came out but instead would be sitting on a 1DX and a whole range of L glass.

I have a hard time thinking about a $5000 (minimum) MF camera and back (without a lens?) as being a frugal purchase, especially when it seems as though it'd be a more difficult camera to use on a routine basis, but that's fine. You do what you want to do.

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