Nikon Disappoints with Current SLR Geneneration

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Nikon Disappoints with Current SLR Geneneration

We as photographers know we have to be responsible for our equipment on some levels.

And cleaning sensors (due to dust) is a part of it due to the inherent design in current cameras.
And some cameras have built in mechanisms to vibrate dust off the sensor.

Now OIL resulting from a manufacturing defect is another story. The Manufacturer should acknowledge and recall/fix for FREE including shipping to and fro for this specific issue.

I'm interested in the D7000 & D600, spec wise they are awesome machines and sound great.

Manufacturing wise I'm not willing to risk buying a defective camera that sprays the sensor (that is the nucleus of the camera) with a substance that requires me to wet clean with increased frequency (risking further damage to the sensor). To me that's unacceptable based on the fact that this was not an issue on prior models that I owned (D100/D2Xs/D40/D90/D700).

It's totally ABSURD for a Camera Manufacturer to release a Camera that fouls it own sensor by default, what makes it more absurd is that it was a known issue on previous models (d7000/d800). What's even more absurd is that they refuse to acknowledge it, what's even more absurd is that the consumer has to pay to ship it to Nikon, what's finally absurd is that you get a camera back that has the same issue.

I don't know what happened to Nikon in the post D3 era, they were on a roll.
Now how do you NOT quality check AutoFocus?! Absurd!
How do you NOT quality check parts that foul the sensor of the camera. Totally Absurd!
How do you sell these expensive cameras that leave the factory broken? Absurdly Absurd!

I currently have a D700/D90, my raw files are 9MP. No oil. The ISO, DR, & AF are decent.

As a Nikon user I'm skipping this generation of Cameras and I'm very skeptical of future iterations.
In the wake of this debacle I'm considering changing brands.

Nikon D3 Nikon D600 Nikon D700 Nikon D7000
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