A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

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Re: A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

It's not the price of the A99 per se that stops me buying one.  It's the fact that I can never justify spending more than £1000 on a camera for what is a hobby whoever makes it.

So it doesn't really matter to me if the A99 is the same price as a D800 or not.  They would still both be way to expensive for me.

So I am grateful Sony finally came out with a camera I felt comfortable upgrading to from my A100 that I could afford (nothing in A5xx range interested me given too many features that were missing).

Another factor is my lenses.  I have taken several years to build a lens collection the works really well for me on aps-c.  I have an 11-18, 16-80, 75-300G and 500mm mirror.  If I got a full frame body I'd need to replace the 11-18 and 16-80 and the 70-300G and 500mm would lose reach.   I'd be hankering after a 70-400 for my FF camera.  And no cropping a FF 24mp image to aps-c is no solution because I have then already lost the ability to crop further if needs be.

So despite whatever cash I could raise by selling the existing camera and lenses it would still leave me well out of pocket to move to full frame.

Maybe one day the issue will be decided for me in that Sony stops making high-end aps-c cameras (or any aps-c SLT's at all!) but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime I need to get some value for money out of my A77 which continues to delight me with the results I am getting and also because its such a great camera is inspiring me to take more photos.

There is certainly a law of diminishing returns in operation here for me.  I am sure the quality out of an A99 or Nikon D600 will be better but at low ISO where I shoot most of the time I can't justify the cost of an upgrade given the results I am getting anyway.

Of course if I win the lottery I'd probably buy a whole host of cameras and bore everyone to death with my amateurish noise comparison tests between the A77 and the A99 and what ever other cameras I decided to fritter my winnings away on! 

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