Nikon EX system: Any chance?

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sjgcit wrote:

> Well, they can share technology and parts from both F-mount and the 1 system, so it won't cost them too much.

That's simply not true.

A lens designed to match the size of a different sensor and mount has to be a completely different design. And that completely ignoring the need to test complex system interactions which produce unforeseen issue.

Sure, and there is also additional marketing cost.
But we are speaking of 10-12 lenses. Nikon can afford that.

The big R&D effort is not in a dozen pretty standard lenses but in mirrorless technology (sensor technology, the great AF system for example), which Pentax is completely lacking. That technolgy can be upscaled and will pay off more quickly when it is used in multiple systems.

Using adapters is different, but has it's own drawbacks, not the least of which is that the reduced registration distance that gave you a reduced size in the first place is now gone and with it the weight and balance of the smaller system.

> Canon, Sony and Leica support two lens mounts, Pentax/Ricoh four.

Pentax don't support four. They have three, only one of which is properly supported. The medium format 645 mount is barely supported and the Q system is something of a joke even among Pentax fans like myself. There is no economic life is anything but K mount at this point.

Ricoh don't technically have a mount but they do support M mount to some extent. However that's nowhere near the same complexity as supporting what you want.

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