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Re: The 5D3 and the D800 are an apple and an orange

They have to raise there prices to fund the new sensor fab research and development. They are 10x years behind now. Interesting to see how this unfolds. Raking in the profits and not investing in R&D is not a very good move in my opinion. Hope I am around in 10 years to see the out-cum. I personally think Sony will be #1, Nikon #2, Canon #3. Just my prediction. I may move to Sony as my second system now. It would be nice to play with the latest innovations in sensor technology. While Canon plays there games. Really I don't care at all what they do. I have decided to not buy another outdated product. Money is a concern, but not what is driving me away. It is lack of technology and innovation that is moving me away from Canon.

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