Megapixels & lens sharpness

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Luckily for most folks, they won't need 100%-sized images.

plantdoc wrote:

Am I correct in assuming that the more megapixels a camera has the more lens flaws will be visible in 100% view? I am eliminating noise reduction blurring with more pixels from consideration in this situation. I noticed testing a lens that flaws, such as overall softness and decentering blur were significantly more noticeable with an 18 megapixel T2i and 15 megapixel t1i and then a 10 megapixel 40D. Same subjects etc, 100% view in photoshop. Not sure how to relate this print quality and size. If so, then to extract the finest image from a high megapixel camera will require the finest optics. Thoughts?


Your observations seem to suggest that you are already well on the way to understanding the situation. The only thing that remains is direct testing of images from the camera/lens combo in question with the size print in question as viewed from the intended distance. Some folks are more sensitive to certain lens aberrations than others i.e. everyone has their pet peeves. If perfection is the intended goal, give that up right now.

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