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Philip, yes you can.  However, there is one caveat.  I assume that after you partition your C: drive, you are going to install Win7 in "dual-boot" mode, meaning that at boot-up time, the computer pauses for a few seconds and asks which OS you want to boot into (XP or Win7).  This dual-boot operation is what normally happens when you install Win7 on a system that already has XP.

When you do this (dual-boot), the boot loader (what lets you choose which OS to boot into) gets stored on the XP partition (since that is the active, boot partition).  So, if the time comes where you no longer want XP on the disk, you have two options.  You can wipe the disk and reinstall Win7 (probably not what you want to do), or you can reclaim most of the space from the XP partition.  I say most because you still need to retain a small partition to hold the boot loader.

When the time comes to get rid of XP, I would suggest that you boot into Win7 and delete all the folders on the XP partition except for the Boot partition.  The Boot folder contains the boot loader and is required for Windows to boot.  The folder is under 1MB, so you won't be wasting much space.  You can use either the Win7 Disk Management to "expand" the Win7 partition or any of a number of third-party (free) tools.

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