Videography with NEX 5r

Started Oct 30, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Videography with NEX 5r

pmow wrote:

The team black sheep guys use RF video feeds to pilot the craft, and then take the recordings afterward from the SD card. You're just asking for trouble by using Wifi.

The "miles" distance on a wifi connection is directional, meaning you still need to have someone pointing the antenna at the thing. RF is the same, except the Wifi handshake would slow things down. At that range, you won't be getting HD video anyway. There are forums dedicated to this stuff but I can't recall the names offhand.

Thank You on information regarding Wifi, and I'll try to find forums You mentioned. In fact I don't need HD feed on my smartphone, I need only basic live feed so I can frame the shot corectly! thank you

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