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dave gaines wrote:

Brent said: "Take a picture of a lake with the near and far shore in the picture."

I don't get it but I will give it a try. I believe that the farther away a shoreline is the more likely it is that it will be level. A receding shoreline rises, but left to right it should be level. Just my thoughts. I see your near shoreline is almost level, but it could be curved and receding in either direction for all I know.

I will give your suggestion a try. The closest thing I have to a lake around here is the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise the So Cal area is pretty dry.

I thought a bit more about my responses and reallize that I was not being that helpful. You can still feel like you are correct - I just want you to understand what I was trying to say.

A lake is round(ish).  That means that if you are taking a picture of the lake's far shoreline - the only time that it is somewhat horizontal is if you are looking straight across at the far shoreline.  To the right of you the lake slants up to the center.  To the left down away from center.  If you have a small section of a lake that you are looking at you cannot tell if it is straight across or left or right.  The center of a picture is not necessarily straight across.

Whether this applies to this picture or not I am not willing to argue about.  I just wanted you to understand what I was saying.



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