Which tele for E-M5: Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 MEGA O.I.S or M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm?

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Re: Tough call....

djbrom wrote:

The two reviews that I read re this was below. The Oly is particularly sharper in the corners though it is a harder comparison considering the focal ranges tested.



The olympus really seems better in the corners in most cases in that review, no doubt, at least at the shorter FLs.

But at 300mm I doesn't look any better, only wide open in the corners. But wide open the panny is F5.6 while olympus is at F6.7, and looking to the chart, stopping down both to F8 the panny is already better both in the center and corners, so I'd imagine stopping down the panny to F/6.7 would make it very similar in the corners and slightly better in the center. Witch seems consistent to the results at 300mm in the other review I linked.

I cant find the review that said this. They compared the same shot with both lenses and the Oly was closer. I kinda found that hard to believe till I tried out my 300mm lens against it. But if you have compared it to a Nikkor 300mm then perhaps the Russian lens is out.

I wouldn't say the russian lens is out, I'm just reminding that is expectable that a zoom lens like the 100-300 has more focus breathing than a prime. So if you test both at closer distances (don't know if it was the case though), the panasonic will be shorter.

But against the 75-300, on that review I linked, there really is no difference  one is as good as the other at the focused distance on the image. Again things can change in closer focus distances.

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