Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

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Re: Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

Thanks to dnercesian for good advice!

As I don’t prefer zoom lenses and don’t have to cover ”everything” two lenses would be enough. Seems like they all are of good quality. Suppose the starting point would be one between 23 and 35, so that’s most important to investigate. And of course it’s personal preference. Rather lucky with the 20mm for G3, it’s small and also very good. So the Fuji pancake has to be ”very good”, not only small! What I have seen of images from other lenses in this forum is rather impressive.

As you are a full fame user you know about the quality compared to smaller sensors. Maybe it’s a bit about ”trying full frame before I get old”. But also what friends using full frame have told me about advantages, and long time fascination with landscapes in low light and sometimes finding abandoned buildings with difficult conditions. G3 is rather useful in the meantime (if I don’t forget the tripod). - And it’s possible EX1 could make me forget the whole FF thing.

If there is any worry might be how easy it to learn to use the camera, being a slow learner. But having used a lot of cameras (G10, F200, GX100), maybe not a reason for worry.

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