Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Vernon, what browser are you using....

Petruska wrote:

Well IE is the most buggy out of all the browsers used on DPR, you should upgrade to IE9 if you want more compatibility, but be warned that the embedded fonts used with IE9 drive some users nuts with eye strain! I received a PM from the DPR staff on thte IE issues and they are correcting some of them but their response is that less than 10% of DPR readers use an IE browser and the new DPR site is being created around more modern browers; Chrome, Safari, and maybe Firefox.

I like IE8, but I also run FireFox and use it on sites like DPR where IE just doen't work correctly.

Bob P.

Stange enough IE8 is the most buggy with this new DPR release only, I use it too and have no problems with a number of other forums I am using regularly.

I am a computer old timer too and never heard that one should change the OS to cater for a new application version ..... like changing your car because you use a different gas company .... strange new world

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