A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

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Re: A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

I have to agree that the current price is too high.  It's higher than the D800!

I'd been patiently waiting for the A99 and saving all the cash I could this year from my shoots to put towards it.

I love my A77 but needed something with better performance at low light.  The additional features such as AF-D and the 102 AF points were something I was really looking forward to and set the camera apart from others.  But then I find out it is only available on certain lenses, none of which I own and only a vague promise to increase the range later.  It meant there's little point for me.

So now I've switched my primary to the D700 which is still an amazing camera and putting the money saved towards good quality glass.

That said I'm keeping my A77 for personal use now.  It's the camera I will take out for family days, holidays etc.  But paid jobs will be the D700.  If the A99 comes down to a lower price then I may be tempted to switch back.  I love the SLT concept and the flexibility it brings.  But the current price is a step too far for me.

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