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Re: G15 Improve by Firmware update Re: Iwill try to summ up the review.

riveredger wrote:

The review from DC Resource shows the G15 clearly outperforming the P7700 and LX7. DC Resource G15 test

from a quick read it seems to be a bit better in High ISO jpeg output, not a clear advantage in RAW or for lower ISO. It's confusing how all the reviews have slightly different opinions about IQ for these quality compacts. Probably depends on what factors they are looking at (like High ISO performance), reviewer bias (colour is often a personal thing) and some sample variation. Probably most of these compacts are pretty close in IQ, and even compared to RX100 IMHO the difference isn't as clearcut as the sensor size suggest.

I still wonder if the G15 is clearly better than S110 in low ISO IQ; difficult to tell from the reviews. S110 has the 24mm wide and far more compact size, seems to me the most important extras of G15 are the features and ergonomics (more dials), not IQ.

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