X-S1 and EXR?

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Re: X-S1 and EXR?

I'll leave the technical explanantions to the obviously-more-qualified-than-me.

The 'auto' modes on the XS-1 (as well as the X10 and XF-1, which use versions of the same digital engine) are easier to think of this way:

Use EXR mode for very demanding lighting conditions.  A mode is a 'less accomplished' auto mode for more ordinary conditions.  P is auto for guys who like to play around with the auto settings a bit more than just what the camera says.

I use EXR when I need an 'educated guess' from the camera in high contrast, big dynamic range situations.  Also, the auto white balance in EXR is RARELY fooled:  I have shots with fluorescent, tungsten, and daylight from windows all at the same time, and the compromise it set flummoxed me.  I know it's actually impossible to correct three different color temperatures in the same frame, but you'd never know it to see the pics.

I generally skip A.  I prefer P as it's got more adjustablity:  If you pass on auto ISO and Auto dynamic range and flash, you can scroll through the various f-stop/shutter-speed combinations, as well as exposure compensation, not allowed in EXR.

The Xs-1 has a LOT of features and tweakablity if you're so inclined.  Lots of adjustments in the various menus and access buttons.  Or it's easy to leave it on EXR or Auto,  leave the flash up and blast away.

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