Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

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Re: Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

eilivk wrote:

Very helpful information on the Fuji lenses. May get X-E1, but not many lenses just now. So I first thought maybe the 35 mm for street photos and 60mm for landscapes.

Landscapes can really be done with ANY focal length, just depends on perspective and subject distance. the 35mm is good for street photography (better if it focussed faster) but I much prefer the 23mm coming out for street stuff. Just a preference though, so to each their own.

But after reading this, for a beginner, maybe 27 and 56 mm would be OK?

I think these lenses are high enough quality that you will be fine with whatever you choose, and you'll be hard pressed to make a UNIVERSALLY bad decision. Most of what you read people saying here is based on their own experiences, personalities, and preferences born out of taking a lot of photos. People form their own sets of likes and dislikes, rules of thumb, and so on. Even then, those are constantly evolving with the shooter and are VERY subjective.

I guess what I am saying is that there is no right and wrong in a lot of this lens choosing business, unless it is something fundamental like not taking portraits with UWA's, especially off center. Ridiculous scenarios aside, you will figure out by trial and error what is right for you. That journey is half the fun.

Example. People love pancake lenses. I see why they do and appreciate the X100 for that reason, but ultimately, I could care less. There is NO WAY I am going to carry a 27mm (40mm FF) just because it is a pancake lens. I like 23mm (35mm FF), and even though it is not pocketable, I still don't find it inconvenient. I also prefer to own and carry less lenses, and find the redundancy more annoying than the benefit of having a pancake.

Am I right? Hell yes! AND Hell no! Someone who loves that lens because it makes the camera pocketable and convenient to carry in circumstances pertaining to them is absolutely making the wise decision getting that lens. Not to mention, I never know if my circumstances will cause a change in my habits one day and turn me into that person.

Sorry for being long winded. You said beginner, and even though I still consider myself a beginner of sorts, I just wanted to make it clear that right and wrong in these cases is a matter of personal preference that will grow with you over time.

Oh, and the 56mm should make for a NICE portrait lens as well as other uses. I'm looking forward to that one.

So is there any good information on the 27mm - coming early next year?

Not yet.

2.8 good enough, (1.7 20mm/G3 not much used now).

That all depends on you, but I still consider f/2.8 fast enough to not be called slow.

Seems to be very small, perfect for carrying all day. Could be ok with one lens for some time as I have seen now. But have to wait for the 27mm to appear - and for you to test it, of course!

I think that makes a lot of sense. Hopefully photographers much better than I will get you the real information you need to make a decision you're happy with.

It's not just about lenses of course. The EVF good for glasses?

Sure, I don't see why not. Built in diopter adjustment too if you want to go that route.

How much experience to get focusing in low light ok?

It will depend on the shooter, but I doubt it will take you long at all to get used to the camera. Much more straight forward than the OVF/EVF hybrid cameras overall.

- Also interested in how long it would take Fuji to make FF cameras...maybe not next year.

I'm not sure anyone can tell you anything definitive, but coming from full frame, I can tell you that I wouldn't worry or wait personally. The IQ is up there and FF will come when/if it comes. Don't miss shots and miss out on the fun until then.

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