X20/0 anyone ?

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Re: X20/0 anyone ?

I'm afraid my redesign wouldn't be as extensive:  I'd just make a zoom X100, 28-135mm equivalent would do for me just fine, in the f2-2.8 spec.  But geez it would be bigger . . . . .

If I'd evolve the current camera to an 'X11':

Swap places with the flash and the OVF:  You'd see around the lens a bit better, and it would look right.

I'm OK with the OVF, but I'd love a tiny little bullseye cross in the center.  If you could get closer to full-coverage, that would be OK too.  Do NOT lose the variable diopter !

Adding the Q-Menu was great.  The '11 would have a C3.

I'm a Jpeg guy, so you guys can hassle about RAW.  But Fuji DEFINITELY needs to get on board with PShop or Lightroom for serious guys to take it seriously, they just do.

I'm fine with EXR, dumbstruck how good it can be when I understand what it's going to do.

I'd grow the lens out to 135mm, and for goodness sakes, use a little more common filter size.

I'd settle for a bit bigger body so I could use the XS-1 batts instead of the itty-bitty ones I'm so often changing.

I love my X10, and the more I dream up, the bigger it's going to get, which is exactly what I would not want, so it's a hard balance to hit, isn't it?

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