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Full Disclosure Upfront: I have been a Nikon SLR/DSLR shooter for over 30 years and even tried a couple of their superzooms (didn't keep any of the latter).

Never bought another brand of camera until the Panny FZ50 came along. I still have that little jewel and, despite it's limitations, it remains a favorite "center console of the car" camera. I accept it's limitations and, within them, it's still a nice camera.

I also bought the FZ100 - Yuck! The FZ-150 - nicer! And now the FZ200 - although I like the f/2.8 lens, I just can't love this camera. I guess I'll have to consider it a "just in case" backup.

My (mis)adventures with the FZ200 have pretty much convinced me that it's real forte' is MACRO! I'm very pleased with that aspect...especially with the Canon 500D (and it's easier to use for this purpose than my D800 w/105mm). It's also a nice 'snapshot' camera for casual events as long as you can keep the iso down low (I'm really surprised at the degradation from 100 to 400. I'll try to post some 100% crops of identical objects with identical camera settings (except iso).

I'm more than willing to entertain the idea that I may have a bad sensor. Whatever...if I'm going to do any cropping or enlarging above 5X7, I won't shoot higher than iso100.

It could just be me, but I'm not able to achieve usable results with action...and I'm constantly amazed at the wildlife images (especially birds) that I see others posting here. Obviously, the camera is capable of much more than I am capable of wringing from it.

ON THE OTHER HAND! I did a side-by-side comparo with the FZ200 and a Nikon D3200. Using the 'kit' lenses Nikon supplies, I found the Panny to render visibly sharper images at the same settings! Even with my "Pro" lenses, the FZ200 was sharper. That Leica glass is good stuff!

I just wish Panasonic would put it in a body with a manual zoom, a less-noisy sensor with faster focus and improved shutter lag. I'd gladly pay a premium price for premium performance in an all-in-one superzoom. And I don't care if it's a bit bigger (I really liked the overall design and image quality of the FUJI XS100 but couldn't live with it's sloooow low-light focus performance, shutter lag and quirky controls).

Hello Panasonic (or FUJI) - I would pay a couple grand for an XS100-sized camera that delivered DSLR performance!!!

My 2-cents worth. Hope to post some of the sample images tomorrow.

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