Getting the X100 just for the lens

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Re: Getting the X100 just for the lens

MuMinded wrote:


I own the XPro-1 and the 35mm and 60mm lenses. I couldn't be happier with this current set-up with the one exception that I want to be able to go wider on occasion. I'm not a fan of the super wide look at all and would really never see a need for it. I was patiently waiting for the 23mm 1.4 to come out in early 2013 to round out my kit.

I'm not sure if this is just my sub-conscious trying to convince me to buy another camera, but the thought of getting the X100 just for the ability to have a 23mm wide view is appealing.

It is your subconscious doing exactly that, BUT, that doesn't make it a bad idea. You'll love the X100.

I'm sure that the 23mm 1.4 is going to be pretty expensive, and so for similar amount of money I could pick up the X100 instead..

Get the X100 now and get the lens later. Who knows when they will announce it and when we will actually see it. The X100 will more than make you happy in the meantime. I say this because I've read a lot of your posts on the XP1 and as an XP1 owner that has been carrying an X100 for a little less than a week now, I can tell you that you will not only love it, but keep and use it even after you buy the lens for your XP1. this just crazy talk?

Yes, it is. But that doesn't change the fact that it feels good. Do it!


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