Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Re: Wanted to but...

Doug R wrote:

found out that Windows 8 would kill the USB3 on my Z77X-UD5H motherboard, you would think Intel would be aware of this and make a driver in time. I'll have to wait before I can evaluate 8. Heck USB 3 works just fine in 7 and OSX 10.8.2.

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Does the Windows 8 update advisor tell you that the USB3 software does not work with Win 8 or does it just say that you need to uninstall it before upgrading?

For me it said that the intel network software had to be uninstalled. But that is simply because win 8 has it's own software (I wasn't crazy enough to think that win 8 was going to not have network support). The upgrade worked really well and I am liking win 8 more than I expected.

For those that complain about having to move the mouse pointer to the corner of the screen to get the start screen icon, don't you have a keyboard with a start button? Far easier than any other method.

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