Opinions On The Canon Power Shot SX150

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Re: Use Eneloops or other low self discharge batteries.

Just to be sure about things, I fully recharged my batteries and tried again.  Same results.

The best thing about the SX150 is it feels perfect in the hands.  The screen is clearly visible, even in sunlight.   But indoors, the images come out noisy.    I only use my SX150 outdoors in sunlight and use other cameras indoors or in twilight.     One odd quirk about the SX150 is that lower light images look noisier on the camera display than they do when you load them on the computer.   Overall, for the price, the camera is good.  Kind of a winner actually.  But hard to recommend because newer cameras with CMOS sensors do a better job in low light than the CCD in the SX150.  I believe the SX160 has retained the CCD.   Some people like a CCD because in bright light the noise levels with a CCD are lower than with CMOS.  But I figure the noise is low in bright light either way.

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