Model Judy taken with the New Olympus E-PM2

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Re: Model Judy taken with the New Olympus E-PM2

GuardianFlash wrote:

Can the E-PM2 shoot Raw in 3:2? Raw on the E-PM1 was only limited to 4:3 I believe.

I have just checked with the E-Pm1 manual : raws produced by the E-Pm1 behave exactly like raws produced by any Pen camera : the whole 4:3 format is recorded, with information concerning the cropped format chosen. What succeds at the time of conversion depends from the raw converter used : with Olympus viewer, you can choose what the converter does : see the whole frame with the cropped frame overlay and be asked for confirmation before the crop takes place or direct crop without confirmation. With C1Pro you are also asked for confirmation, but Adobe will crop to the chosen ratio without asking for confirmation.

See the E-Pm1 manual page 48.

I doubt that the E-Pm2 will be any different. The behaviour will be up to the raw converter used. I prefer the behaviour of Viewer and C1 to the one of LR.

edited : I just checked in the E-Pm2 manual, p. 50 : it will be the same as the E-Pm1 and all other Pens.

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