So, have We come to a conclusion about BEST Filter Adapter for RX100? nt

Started Nov 4, 2012 | Questions thread
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Does it really matter if the filter spins or the filter holder ??? Same effect, no ?

I personally never have had good luck with the fader style ND's as I don't like the weird patterns they can give at the extremes so I tend to stick with either a 3 or 9 stop normal ND

However, I do use a CPL (technically not needed for contrast detect cameras) and your right, the filter holder does rotate as much as the ring on the CPL, but is there really a difference in the end result ?

If I spin the filter itself as attached to the holder, or I spin the glass section of the filter that is built into its own little frame, it shouldn't really change anything so it seems a non issue

I've had the Lensmate on my Canon S95 and it was fine and good, but I HANDS DOWN prefer the magnetic method.

It is just so much faster on/off when out shooting and I can do it with one hand, no messing about threading and unthreading a filter, not to mention the Lensmate adapter is much thicker and looks a bit awkward on there (not that I think the camera is a fashion accessory)

To each his or her own of course, but I just wouldn't use the Lensmate system even if they gave it to me free.  Its just all around a poorer method IMHO

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