Very happy with Apple for a change! (iPad2 story)

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Andrew Mitchell Senior Member • Posts: 1,733
Very happy with Apple for a change! (iPad2 story)

I have been getting more and more dissillusioned with Apple over the last few years (IOS6 being their latest - for me - clanger).

But just sometimes ....

Last Saturday, while using my iPad2 (which I love, even though it's much less responsive after IOS6) at work, the Home Button suddenly stopped working. A quick trawl through Safari showed that (a) it's not an uncommon problem; and (b) there are a couple of workarounds, one which didn't work and one of which I needed to start using immediately (the "virtual" Home Button).

After work, I quickly took it down to Apple Taiwan (which is a shop called "Youth", which weirdly, Apple say is not Apple Taiwan).

Apple said that in Home Button situations like mine, they don't fix them, they just replace them. However, their records showed that I bought it on November 3rd, 2011, which meant that it was one day out of warranty.

Just as I was bemoaning the fact that I had purposely decided not to buy AppleCare for a machine with no moving parts, they said that they would replace it anyway and give me a brand new iPad2. Pretty amazing, I thought, especially as I had dropped it some months earlier and one corner was completely mashed flat.

I'm pretty happy. 

ps my attempts at offering them more money to replace it with an iPad 4 fell on flat ears!

pps the new machine will come with a 3-month warranty, and I will not be able to buy AppleCare for it; can't have everything, I suppose

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