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ijessicapp wrote:

What is the easiest way to find and delete duplicate songs in iTunes?

A few days ago, I synced all of songs from my iPhone 4s to iTunes. After it finished, I found that some of them have duplicates. I thought maybe I transferred them to iTunes before. Now I want to find and delete them from my iTunes library. What is the easiest way to delete the duplicates?
Thank you very much in advance.

iTunes has a tool for finding duplicates.  ("File" / "Display Duplicates").  I ran it against my library, and it appears to define duplicate as "same name, same artist".

Some of the things that can differ between "duplicates" include the playing time, the bit rate, and whether the file was purchased from the iTunes Store or imported from, e.g., a CD.  That is to say, you do not want to blindly delete anything iTunes identifies as a "duplicate" since one of the files might be the studio version of a song, and another might be an extended live version.  Use its list only as an aid to find things worth looking into further.

E.g., for the O'Jays song "992 Arguments", I see two 6:06 copies ("Love Train: The Best Of The O'Jays", "The Philly Sound") and one 2:26 copy ("Soul Hits Of The '70s, Vol. 09").  It's a pretty good bet that the first two are the same, except possibly for remastering.  It's also clear that the third copy is different from either of the first two.

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