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Re: Too bad the thumbs down feature was removed

oklaphotog wrote:

gkreth wrote:

How could a post be "riddled with thumbs down" if the poster was disliked only by "a few"?\

Many thumbs down = many dislikes

I think the system did a VERY good job of balancing itself out. I could tell immediately at a glance the following:

  • which were troll threads (many more thumbs down than thumbs up),
  • which threads were very useful, funny, appreciated, etc. (many thumbs up, few to no thumbs down),
  • which threads were controversial (many thumbs down AND many thumbs up)
  • which threads generated little interest (very few thumbs down OR thumbs up)

And within a thread, I could tell the same thing about the responses.

Overall, ti was a VERY good, efficient system.

Not true at all. The thumbs up/down was for content only purposes.

Which is exactly what I was referring to. Troll posts are posts without useful content.

People were using it to mark people they simply didn't like, not for content.

No, people were suing it to mark posts that had no useful content. Troll posts fall into that category.

Just because you do not like someone doesn't mean that they can't/don't post quality content.

And, again, whether or not I like someone doesn't turn a no-content troll post into a content-laden non-troll post.

Because of this the results are tainted and an indicator of nothing.

No, I think the results contained LOTS of useful information:

  • Many more thumbs down than thumbs up: Likely useless
  • Many thumbs up, few to no thumbs down: Likely very useful.
  • many thumbs down AND many thumbs up: Also likely very useful, and also probably controversial. But still likely very useful.
  • Very few thumbs down OR thumbs up: Probably less useful.

Possibly. He may or may NOT own the camera. We're not sure, because he never posted any pictures to illustrate or otherwise validate his points. In fact. he REFUSED to do so.

Why does it really matter though if he owns the camera or not.

It indicates whether he actually has any personal experience with the camera. Goes a long way in establishing credibility.

Maybe he just likes cameras in general and after seeing reports of the things he posted about wanted to discuss it.

Nope, it's already been show than "discussion" was not what he wanted, nor was he "reporting" anything he's read, other than to start flame wars.

I've shot and owned all sorts of systems, every company makes a dog now and then. I used to be a Minolta fanboy, but even back then I'd still admit they made a dog or two or three.

Exactly, and the OP was trying to insinuate that the K-5 was, as you said, "a dog" - which is untrue, and flame-bait. So he got flamed. Predictable outcome.

He sure posted links to the mirror issue to validate it.

Well, not it wasn't because so many DISLIKED his opinion, it was the unfounded things he posted about. And his refusal to back them up when challenged.

Far from unfounded. He posted links to the mirror issues.

No, he linked to one specific report. Far from a common, recurring problem.

It's common knowledge that Pentax makes great lenses, but for tracking anything faster than a snail, it's AF is a dog.

No, see, it NOT common knowledge. If you think that, you are either uninformed, or you also are a troll.

It has been known that way since the film days.

No, actually, Pentax AF for film was known to be quite fast.

No need to backup common knowledge.

Unless you're "common knowledge" is incorrect.

K5II moved to a new AF to improve over the previous.

AF improvements from one model to the next. Hmmm.... who else does that? Oh, yeah - EVERYBODY. To insinuate that something was bad simply because it was improved in a subsequent product is simply asinine.

No different than the 5D3 received a real AF system when the one in the 5D2 (which I own) sucks.

Great! So go tell the OP to start threads in the Canon Forum talking about the sucky AF in the 5D2. Let's see what kind of reception he gets.

As far as the LCD, I see people reporting it! It took 2 seconds to search for it. Why does he need to do the searching for you? Don't wait to be spoonfed, do your own research and think for yourself.

Oh, I did; I already did. And I actually ANALYZED the results. And I concluded that it is a fairly isolated problem. Show me that is is a widespread, commonly accepted problem, happening in a great proportion of the K-5s out there.

Too many people on DPR prematurely call others trolls.

Possibly, but not in this case.

Reality is that he posted some legitimate stuff, and people got their panties in a wad because it was anti their baby.

No, he posted flame-bait. And he got flamed.

Because of this their fanboy underoo's got a stain in them and they have to call troll and attack first!

Ah, as he takes the high road..... To be both wrong AND a jerk - what a combination!

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