RainbowImaging Nikon lens to Sony E Mount NEX NEX-3

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Re: RainbowImaging Nikon lens to Sony E Mount NEX NEX-3

With the Nikon 50mm F/1.8 or F/1.8D versions set the lens aperture ring to F/1.8  turn the ring on the adapter all the way to the right (open position)  as you are holding the camera as if to take a picture. This will let the lens aperture open all the way.

Then use the aperture ring on the lens to change the aperture on the lens. You do not need to use the aperture control on the adapter at all for these lenses just leave it in the open position.

If you have a G version of this lens, start with the adapter in the same open position this way your lens starts out with aperture wide open. Then you can turn the adapter ring towards the lock position to close the lens aperture. Use very small adjustment as the adapters only moves a few degrees to go through the entire aperture range of the lens that is mounted on it.

This should take care of your dark screen problem as your lens is probably stopped down all the way to the smallest aperture (Larger number).

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