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One thing remains, though. Lightroom (and as such, ACR, which uses the same image processing engine) gives better color accuracy than Capture One right off the start. And I speak from experience. The big issues with Capture One and my K10D and K-7 cameras in terms of color accuracy are usually the magenta-green cast that can come out of the RAW converter's processing engine. Sometimes the color is too magenta (sky, skin, etc.), less rarely, it's too green (foliage, concrete buildings, etc.). The green issue appears mostly at higher ISO (400 and above), where the noise in the green chanel gets higher and gives files a more greenish cast.

However, if I spend some time using the color balance and the color editor tools, I usually can get better results than with Lightroom, even if I spend as much time tweaking color on LR. Slightly better, but not "wow" better.

But such results don't come cheap: you need to spend additional time on color correction, which can become a problem if you're short on that. Color orrecting 200 files is no small challenge if none of your files are similar in color.

So I agree with the comments above regarding color accuracy, at least when using ACR/Lightroom and Capture One as-is. Lightroom gives more faithful colors from scratch, but with some (good) time to spare, Capture One can do as well or even slightly better.

As mentioned above, color blooming is much less an issue with Capture One, though. Even LR4, which has been greatly improved over version 1 on that matter, isn't as good as C1 with that specific aspect of color rendering.

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