Is the 28-300mm the best all around lens?

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Re: It is for sure in my book.

Tee1up wrote:

fft81 wrote:

Hands down the best all-round lens is the 14-24 f/2.8. All other ones are far not this round!

I borrowed this lens and it is one of only two zooms that I would consider owning. The other being the 70-200 VR II. But then, it almost always goes back to what you do with your lenses doesn't it. I know a couple wedding photographers that do 95% of their (excellent) work with a 24-70mm.

if you are into serious nature work and need tack-sharp eyes on your birds, frogs, insects under unpredictable lighting conditions...the 28-300 is a tough sell.

OK, better stop now. Getting a nosebleed.

I think you missed the humor. 14-24 is a rather specialized lens, but its front element is all round...

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