Anyone have a Fusion mini yet?

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Re: Anyone have a Fusion mini yet?

RudivanS wrote:

PowderMaggot wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

Speculation and supposition does not really come into it as what they have written is factual. I

Lloyd has some valid concerns, but he hasn't yet tested a real fusion drive (by his own admission). Meanwhile he's decided he doesn't like fusion and is getting all spun up about it.

Yes, to fusion or not to fusion or amount speed vs reliability?

Lot's of testing to be done I guess.

Yeah, no doubt. Like others have mentioned, no matter the speed it'll probably be a temporary solution for most. Reliability cannot be as good as as single drive (but whether it's half is questionable).* As costs come down, a straight SSD will clearly be the way to go, but they're still super spendy for a large one.

* Unrelated, but talking reliability of drives makes me thing back to the PowerMac 6100/60 and 7100/66. Those beasts would corrupt a hard drive almost as soon as you got them out of the box.

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