Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

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Some thoughts and a handy link

Here's a link to Kirk Tuck's blog. He's a working pro who recently switched to Sony, using the a77, a57 and NEX7. You can work back through his blog posts to get an idea of what is working for him.


Some random thoughts after skimming through the thread:

Remember the A77 can be bought as a kit with the 16-50 2.8 lens - an excellent starter for a pro lens kit. That helps offset the cost difference above the less expensive A models.

You will need a backup. Consider getting the LEA2 lens adapter and keeping your NEX 7.

There will be times when you need flash to improve the look of your images. When you start taking people's money they will often expect to set the time and place for the photos. Be prepared to work indoors, outdoors, good light, bad light, back light and sometimes not near enough light. If you are new to lighting check out Strobist.com.

Consider offering prints. The markup can add to you profits considerably. Look into one of the pro oriented online labs.

Advertising and getting the word out are tough with local newspapers and radio almost out of the picture. A lot of people seem to have success with Facebook, often coupled with a blog and/or twitter.

And, as someone else said, don't quit you day job. At least not too soon.


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