The "money shot".

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Re: What arrogant contributors! (was Re: The "money shot".)

youcantryreachingme wrote:

How effing arrogant are half the replies to this thread!

Sorry you feel the need to swear.

Get your heads out of your arses people. The guy's taken a shot and he's sharing it. If you've got constructive criticism, give it - but first go back to kindergarten if you don't know how to treat other people with respect.

You apparently have not followed the posts of Neil Jones at all.  Given your need to cuss I suspect that it wouldn't change your opinion, however.

I've been off these forums for some years but the general feel throughout many threads in this forum are epitomised here, and it's appalling.

Given your response to this thread it's clear you've been off for some years.  I'm not defending the behavior on these forums, but without moderation this is what you get.

Have you never heard: If you haven't got something nice to say, don't say anything at all?

Yes.  It works quite well in actual human to human contact.  I've never seen an unmoderated forum play by these rules.

Yes, this is my attempt to say something nicely: clean up your act, get some self respect and return these forums to something that's warm, welcoming, inviting, encouraging and supportive - or leave and let the rest of us do that.

As much as I may agree with you....  good luck with that.

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