Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Yes you can mix OEM and Cone ink...

jtoolman wrote:


Earlier cart versions, requiring each of the OEM chips, fell intro two categories.

One would allow you to sitch to refillable carts as each of your OEM reached empty.

So if yellow went out first, you would take the yellow chip and place it under the yellow controller chip. You would then reinsert that yellow cart and if the inks were a good enough match, you would go on printing without having to make any chages ti your printing routine.

The second type would again need all of your original chips under the controller chips BUT you needed to install them all as a complete set.

Even earlier types would only use two controller chips for two colors and the remaining ones needed just the oem chip with one of the chip terminals taped over. This was also done on the Maintenance Cart chip. Resetting involved a convoluted method.

CONE carts require all the chips, but the chips will reset to full when disconnected from power.

Inkjetfly 3800 and 3880 carts only use the MK and PK chips. The rest of the controller chips do not even have the spring loaded contacts. How do these work is a total mystery to me and I frankly do not care. They work and work very well.

SUpposedly the Carts from IJF are the same as those sold by CONE, except for the chip system.

They, as well as the maintenace cart remain FULL at all times.

Who knows what the next improvement will bring us.

Remember to harvest any ink left from those OEM carts.


Joe, that is the exact reason I waited to consider Re-loadable Cartridges for my 3880.  Seems there are (at least) two improvements needed (as has been discussed before).  1) Accurate Ink Status Monitoring 2) Filler port to be where there is NOT a requirement to remove the cartridge to refill.  You have mastered this need for your cartridges.  Also, I preferred to use the cartridge with size that conforms to the OEM cartridges. 

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