Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Yes you can mix OEM and Cone ink...

Petruska wrote:

What I'm saying is that if you have OEM LLB aand Yellow cartridges installed and the others were refillables with the transferred OEM chips (which I understand must be removed before they show empty), I can't see how the system can work without the piggy-backed controller chips applied to the LLB and Yellow. when those refillables carts go to empty.

Again I'm not the expert with a 3800/3880, Jtoolmand and Ivr Wiener have played a lot with these piggy-back chip setups, and there are different schemes from various suppliers I run a R3000 and R2880 and they are extremely easy to refill and reset.

Bob P.

Bob, ALL of the Cone Re-fillable 80ml cartridges must have the corresponding OEM cartridge chip UNDER the chip that is supplied with the refillable cartridges.  Also, as long as the refill-ables are used the chip arrangement remains the same.  Never does the Ink Monitor indicate the accurate ink status for ANY of the re-fillable cartridges.

However, when there is a mix of OEM and re-fillable cartridges, the OEM cartridge status Monitor (with OEM cartridges) appears to function normally as when ALL cartridges were OEM.  I was assured (by the Cone Staff) that the OEM ink status does not have to be empty and the OEM chip can be used if empty --OR-- not empty.  My two were VERY low but not displayed as empty when I changed the first two.

Thanks for your comments.  I had hoped that I had not missed some rather important details since I must confess that I am VERY detailed regarding Pre-Purchase and/or Pre-Usage for about anything.  My Wife should refer to this as being a "nit picker" -- but thankfully, she doesn't.

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