Could someone explain why G1x price jumped so much lately?

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Re: G1X Price Rise etc. Here you go....

Marco Nero wrote:

The reality is that the price has gone up due to Canon implementing their new pricing structure. The purpose of this is to ensure that dealers don't try to undersell a camera to outsell their competitors. They do this to dominate the market but by lowering the price, they devalue the product plus they actually can put their competitors out of business or force them to sell for less, which reduces their profit margin.

Hi Marco,

From some added research it seems it can be sold for lower than the 'advertised price', be it by the time-honored 'add to cart to see price' or calling the store itself in one case.  So I guess I'm not seeing the point; if they keep to such a price point and enforce it, those of us who don't need the 'best' (or are not willing to work around the negatives) will only consider the now greater disparity of the higher price an added incentive to select another brand.

I do like how some are saying it is now far more important to pay attention to rebates and the like, to obtain the best deal possible.  Here's another cameras less often, and when the camera companies figure it out, the prices will drop.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts on the matter, and again, hats off for such spectacular pictures!



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