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Increasing Pixel Count Increases Noise

TrojMacReady wrote:

And as said before, the R100 statement needs a context before we generalize it into something that might not have been meant. If for example he's talking about "pixel level" noise, no doubt it's true. Image level is a different story.

I think it's fair to assume that, Kihachiro Ueda of Sony's Image Quality Design, wouldn't have gone to the trouble of issuing a special statement acknowledging that "increasing pixel count increases noise" if such increased noise wasn't visible at the image level. He said this:

"It’s true that increasing pixel count increases noise. But since we manufacture our own sensors, we can easily tweak sensor specs to suit specific needs. This allowed us to craft a totally new sensor that delivers superbly detailed images with low noise."


Also in the above statement, Kaimi (Product Design) said this:

Some compact cameras keep noise down with lower pixel counts. But there are users who really want super-fine images, which require a high pixel count. But if the higher pixel count leads to unacceptable noise levels that the noise reduction system can’t reduce without affecting image quality, it is essentially self-defeating. Our new sensor achieves both super-fine images and low noise so even distant landscapes shot at telephoto focal lengths show great detail. People are going to love this compact camera for travel photography.

This statement also clearly links higher pixel counts with noise, and certainly appears to be dealing with noise at the image level.

I have had a look at the 2011 diagram you referred to from Sony's Yasuhiro Ueda:


Yes, this is interesting, but I also think that, because the statements referred to above about the Sony RX100 come from people who actually designed the camera, I believe they should be regarded as authoritative and useful.




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