Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Vernon, what browser are you using....

Petruska wrote:

Firefox looks stable, IE is not.

Bob P.

Using IE8.  I read comments from the Dpreview (main individual) regarding taking care of support for any IEn issues.  I failed to mention that this is the first issue (in the past couple weeks) regarding this.  I had some issues shortly after they changed to this different Dpreview setup and (at that time) and for a while, I prepared ALL messages using either MS Word or Wordpad and saved the file -- then copy/paste to the forum post area.

Being an OLD Timer in computers and having programmed in more than a dozen Programming Languages (primarily Main Frame Computers but also for PC's) that part of the issue is in their "expedited" efforts to implement needed things that is called to their attention that some of the later changes are causing issues (errors) in existing coding modules.  Hopefully they are using more of a Modular approach that should contribute to less "NON intended changes".

I will have to "wait and see" if Dpreview support takes care of this or if other options will be necessary.  This (so far) is the only site where I have such issues.

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