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Re: Use Eneloops or other low self discharge batteries.

I just tried this on my SX150.

If the camera has not been turned in a while, it takes 5 seconds from when you push click the shutter to when the flash fires and the picture is taken.

After that, the camera seems to know you are interested in flash pictures.  When the "busy" message goes away, the next message you get is "charge flashing" for one second with a black screen.  Then the display goes back the camera view.  But there is still a one second delay from clicking the shutter to the flash firing.

After that, in a 60 second period, I was able to get 7 pictures.

With the flash turned off, in a 60 second period, I was able to get 17 pictures.

If you just turn the camera off, and then turn it back on one minute later, there is still some charge left in the flash circuit.   So it is still only about one and a half seconds from from the first click to the first picture being taken.

I was using Energizer Nicket Metal Hydride batteries.  I get pretty good battery life from those.  I have also used Duracell Alkaliines and have gotten decent battery life but I don't really remember how much.  Just enough to get through an afternoon on vacation in a pinch.

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