iPhone 5 vs 4s .... Question ?

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Re: iPhone 5 vs 4s .... Question ?

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Those of you that had or have an 4s and have a iPhone5 .... can you see a difference in camera performance. Not on the iPhone 5 screen which is better but in a printed or downloaded picture to a iPad or ?

From the info I have read, the cameras are very, very close and the improved image quality maybe the fact that some reviewers were viewing on the iPhone 5 screen, which is better than the 4s screen.


The 5 is better - it's more about the image processing in-camera than about the hardware. The difference isn't huge, but it is there.

Nothing like as big a jump as from the 4 to the 4s

That is pretty much what I have heard too. the processing is a little better, but image quality is very, very close. Low light ability is suppose to be a bit better also.


The processing is different, but I wouldn't say it's better. The 5 is definitely more prone to purple lens flare. A lot of people had the initial impression that the 5 was better, but that was because the screen on the 5 produces more saturated colors. if you upload the 4s and 5 to a computer, the 5 has a little bit different tone curve, but the 4s has less noise reduction smearing. There simply isn't a meaningful difference, to be honest.

From everything I have seen you are correct, also I have the following apps ----- 645 pro, camera+, procamera, snapseed and PS Express on my iPhone 4 (plus other camera apps). The ones I named are the main ones I use. Each one has its strong points and I use them for the type of shot at hand.

I will be getting one of my friends 4s in a few weeks and I know the image quality will be much better than my iPhone 4

I do a lot of photography, I use Pentax equipment and also use the Sony NEX 5n. I have just about every Pentax lens there is and have been into photography since I was a kid (late 1950's). I'm 63 years old, got my first Brownie camera in 1958 ! (yes I still have it !).

I really think the 4s with these main programs will allow some fine images, without me caring around extra camera gear !

What is your thought ?


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Wll - I just purchased  an iPhone 4S.  You mentioned the following camera apps for your phone.  What applications do they perform?

645 pro




PS Express

Thanks - <<Josh>>

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