Nex-6: bracketing & Timer?

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Re: Nex-6: bracketing & Timer?

Set the camera for rapid-fire shooting, and trigger it with the remote.  Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing, i.e. avoiding any movement of the camera?  To be honest, I've found that by shooting in RAW format and "developing" with ACR 7.2 the need for exposure bracketing is considerably reduced as 7.2 offers much more exposure flexibility than was previously available.  Understand that I'm not talking about processing the image twice, once for the highlights and once for the shadows and then combining the two images in photoshop or one of the HDR software programs.  By sliding the highlights slider all the way to the left and the shadows slider all the way to the right and then tweaking the exposure, contrast, and details sliders I can frequently get an image that compares favorably with an image obtained by combining 3 images shot at -2, 0, and +2 ev compensation in a program such as Photomatix.  This doesn't always work, but it certainly beats my previous experience with earlier versions of ACR.

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