Nikon vs Canon customer service?

Started Nov 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: So in the real world where most of us exist, you would get the Canon camera? If so, good...

nikonjohn wrote:

to know.

Not really... I have the Nikon system now and  have just decided to ruthless about test and return. That way you go through more grief but end up with better results, but then I often print very large. If you offered me the d800 sensor in a canon body, then I would probably go for it but that choice seems a ways off: I don't like canon's DR and shadow performance. I'm mainly a lanspdscape guy so I can live with a certain amount of hassle to get the best results. Not too much hassle though: I'm half way out of a Phase One system because IMHO it gets in the way of the shot too often, however amazing the results can be...

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