G3 or No G3?

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Re: G3 or No G3?

REShultz wrote:

Great replies! I've appreciated all of them.

For me, choosing between Panny and Olympus has always been about Oly's superior colors OOC vs Panny's superior user interface and ergonomics.

The one wild card for me is no image stabilization in the Panasonic. Has anyone had issues with this? Just an FYI, the camera would be used with a 14mm Panasonic, 30mm Sigma, and 45mm Olympus.

If you are thinking about the EPM2, then be aware that with the EPM1, the IBIS is practically non-existent. There are many posts here about it. It is likely that the EPM2 is the same - time will tell.

While recent posts suggest that the cause may be shutter shock, the fact is that shutter speeds of about 1/40 to about 1/160 are problematic.

At those shutter speeds, most people have the IBIS turned off. It does work to some degree at lower shutter speeds.

I have the 14 and the 45 and use them with the EPM1 IBIS off.

Again, regarding the OOC colour, I think it is far from superior.


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