What is it about the Zeiss 24mm that is so captivating?

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Re: The Nikon 24mm, f/1.4 is $2K. I got the Zeiss 24mm, f1.8 is half the price. The Sigma 30mm

Jerry R wrote:

The Nikon 24mm, f/1.4 is $2K. The Zeiss 24mm, f1.8 is half the price. The Sigma 30mm is 1/5 the price of the Zeiss and 1/10 the price of the Nikon. It depends on the compromises your willing to make. In the long run the Zeiss will save me money because it will never come off the camera, except for pics of the grand kids with a Nikon 85mm lens. Had I paid $200 for the Sigma I would be spending money on more lenses, exceeding the cost of the Zeiss, and never really be satisfied. If I get a 1,000 good pics from the Zeiss, thats a dollar per pic, $0.20 per pic with the sigma.

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Canon A2E, Sony R1, Panny TZ5, Nikon D5000, & NEX C3/Zeiss 24mm E Lens

The Nikon is a full frame lens, and a more higly regarded lens. But aniway you cant compare the two as they are made for different format / camera.

In my opinion the Z 24 is competent to very good but not very special like the Zeiss 21 or Zeiss 100 Makroplanar. Still, if you own a NEX, there aint any other lens that have equal reputation..so..

But please, stop comparing to either Leica M, or Nikkor F full frame lenses.

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Cheers, Reza

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