Macro lens suggestions for FZ200 ... HELP

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Re: Macro lens suggestions for FZ200 ... HELP Common guys

Balifly wrote:

Which new Macro lens would you recommend for the FZ200 in the 52mm size?

I have an old set of Prisma +1, +2, and +3 (52mm) filters.

Not sure if they would work with the FZ200 though.

Many years ago I bought one of those simple +1, +2, +3 close-up lens sets. That was back in my analogue SLR days in high school, and I couldn't afford anything else. Made by Coastar.

I dug them out of my "old camera" drawer and tried them on my FZ150. I was disappointed by the results. Too much obvious CA, even on the +1 lens. In my SLR days I was shooting Tri-X and Plus-X almost exclusively, so CA wasn't such a big deal.

Since you have them, give them a try.

If I were going to buy a macro lens for the FZ150 I'd look first at the Raynox DCR-150.

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