Epson 3800 dies... Questions...

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Re: Epson 3800 dies... Questions...

I'm buying a replacement.

Is everybody reasonably happy with the 3880? I see Mountain Lion drivers are out; I like this in a manufacturer.

My died about a month after warranty. Some error related to the feeder, but it won't print whatsoever. I used it very lightly. Manufacturer said one month over warranty is too long to give me free repair. Nearest repair shop is 4 hours away (and I live in a large city) and does not accept shipments. Spending two whole days driving to another city is out of question. Shipping of this large and heavy item is a problem, because I don't have the original box anymore.

I was happy with the results, but I am not happy with the reliability and the trouble that happens if the printer fails. One thing that I liked is the quality of "canned" profiles for most papers I used. They were as good as my own. the printer worked perfectly with OS-X.

I am considering Canon for my next printer. Apparently the Canon has more natural blues while the Epson has more natural greens. That's about the only practical feedback I collected from users with regards to print quality.

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